Yes. There is internet access available 24/7. Each ship has a crew internet cafe with terminals. Some ships have wireless access as well. In either case, internet costs 8-10 cents/minute. There are also internet cafes in many of the ports.

You will be paid in US Currency, either cash or via direct deposit. If direct deposit is unavailable, you can elect to send a wire transfer or exchange the cash for a money order.

Federal taxes are deducted for US Citizens, however; state taxes are not. If you are a non-US Citizen, it is your responsibility to declare any income made on board.

Most lines require you to be 21 years old, however; some set the minimum age at 18.

Yes. Every employee needs a passport valid through the end of his/her contract.

Non-US and Canadian Citizens require a C1/D Visa. Once hired, you'll receive a Letter of Employment which you can take to the US Embassy in order to obtain the C1/D. Depending on your destination, some countries will require an entrance visa as well.

Yes. There are coin washers and dryers available in crew areas. You can also have your formal wear dry-cleaned on board.

No. We'll make all of the travel arrangements for you. We will fly you from your home airport to the ship and back at the end of your contract.

Friends & Family discounts are available once you've worked with the company for a specific period of time, often 6 months.

As a crew member, you will be required to assist in safety/emergency drills which will happen once or twice a cruise. Other than that, you are hired as a musician and will only be required to work in that capacity.

Yes. All musicians must pass a pre-employment physical exam prior to joining. This includes a drug test, blood test & chest X-ray. Medical results are good for two years from the date they're administered.

Most contracts are 3-6 months continuous, depending on the ship & position. We only offer shorter/fill-in positions to re-hires that have successfully completed a contract with the company.

Yes. You will have access to guest areas and the gym during non-peak times. You are not, however; allowed in the pool, casino or a guest's cabin.

Yes. The CD needs to be professionally done and shrink wrapped in a jewel case. You need the get the CD approved by the Cruise Line's corporate office prior to selling on board. The Cruise Line usually takes a 30% fee. Landau Music does not take a cut.

Once hired, you'll receive a document from us outlining exactly what you're expected to wear. We work with several 5-Star Cruise Lines which require you to have formal attire (tux, suit, dress).

Absolutely. You will have tons of down time and the opportunity to practice on board. There are several crew areas which you can use to practice. You'll also be surrounded by excellent musicians whoyou can practice and collaborate with.

Definitely. One of the best parts of these contracts are the ability to get off the ship in the different ports and see the world. Most musicians & entertainers will perform at night, so you'll have all day to explore the different ports of call.